Bandcamp is an endless source of talented bands, great productions and amazing albums. Ze Germans DRYAD managed to combine the mentioned characteristics. Never heard before and now I will keep on listening to them.

"Pulsar" opens this album and you get the first impression of what the album will offer you: a dense atmosphere, powerful production, guitar tones between Doom and classic Heavy Metal. A great start that made me already curious for the following tracks. "Meghalaya" tops the first impressing with a powerful voice and a forward pushing doomy rhythm and riffing. "Wayfarer´s Rebirth" leads you with a more proggy touch through 70´s Hardrock to Protometal. "Gaia" is one of the most epic songs I heard since a couple of years... trippy, heavy with mighty guitars, harsh breaks and dynamics and an ongoing tension between the light floating and the heavy parts. "Darvaza"´s highlight are the harmonizing vocals and the almost Post and Shoegaze rock atmosphere. Up to now my favorite song.

"The Devil´s Breath" is another surprising song. It´s surprisingly simply and just forward rocking, the opposite of proceeding "Of Knaves and Fools", which structure reminds me a bit on Savatage. Again a change in timing, tempo and temper: "Overlord"´s lurking round the corner with the perfect dose of speed and breaks. Another great song. "Ludus interruptus" doesn´t fit on this record, a kind of cosmic synthy interlude.

"At the Advent of Dawn" closes this extremely varied album with actually no predictable songs, a constant flow of changing tempi, styles and moods and tempers. Excellent record, excellently produced and an appetizer for future gigs 


An album rated with "Overkill" unites different musical styles, good production and no fillers.