The Great Grey Funk - same

This band made us curious with their diverse and sometimes contradictory musical influences. Beth Gibbons (Portishead) recently joined Paradise Lost, or Katatonia and Madrugada? The opener "Cortisol" already shows the listener that this musical journey will not be linear, but will unite many influences. Exactly the initially mentioned voice to the rather straight forward pressing, melancholic Heavy Metal reminiscent of Katatonia. "Vacuum Thought" takes your foot off the gas, the whole song seems very light and airy, despite all the guitars that kick in towards the end. "Eritis Sicuit Deus" is a more shredded halftime depro number that cuts a lot of songwriting edges. "Faceless" is a very melancholic number, almost in the style of Amorphis, only sadder. "Wintereuphoria" also takes us in this musical direction, the instrumentation of which is more reminiscent of Madrugada than Metal. Stylistically, "The Narrator" could also be included on an Opeth album, i.e. more of a metallic-progressive song, before "Light and Grace", a rather playful song that stands between all stools stylistically. The real highlight of this album is "Beacon", which finds the perfect balance between fragility and heaviness, melancholy and courage, metal and mellow. Yola's floating, glassy voice comes into its own here. So if Portishead used guitars.

Not only the songs are classy, also the fantastic production, which still leaves edges and a lot of space.


An album rated with "Overkill" unites different musical styles, good production and no fillers.