son of cain - closer to the edge

Portugal is no longer the home of saudade, fado and Moonspell. The gruesome twosome of Son of Cain saved my greed for a more rocking version of Danzig, a similar band crossover band as Smoke Blow, a band, which unites a fuzzy stoner guitar, Heavy Metal vocals, a certain quantum of speed and power drumming and neverending riffs. I found the squaring of the circle in these two Portuguese guys.

"Hit the Road" could be the dirty version of Danzig´s "A long way back to Hell", more fuzzy und pushing that the idol. "Born to Fall" as a heavy psych blues to give us a chance to take a breath before "Beyond", a bastard between Punk, Stoner Metal and Danzig´s vocals tears off the roof. No chance to escape the sheer power of these songs.

"Like Stone" seems to me like early Tygers of pan Tang tracks, more Metal than Stoner, with a brutal direct drumming on the 2 just to make you bang your head. No, even "Old Man" will not be a break for us listeners, first a powerful blues that leads second to the fast finishing parts. The crooning vocals of "Reach the End" just pretend that this track is another neckbreaker. It´s not possible to have a break; this band manages it to write powerful and not-predictable songs like "Dead Corner" or "Human Prey", blended with psychedelic elements, metal , horror and this Danzig voice lurking around some corners in the songs. Absolutely fantastic until "Outro" crushes with a "Doors" organ and a massive doomy drumming my last remaining earnerves. Hell yeah! 

"What´s Words Worth" is for an authentic production with no overdubs and songs with an outpouring energy.