Kanaan - Double Sun

1st of April 2020 and this record is no joke. Prepare yourself for a musical trip through late 60´s Psychedelic Rock and Blues, touching Spacerock, fuzzy Riff Rock up to late 70´s Jazzrock. 

The opener "Worlds together" drowns us deeply in a colorful instrumented Floydish and jazzy tune, organic and fluid. "Mountain", a twelve minutes monster with one half of a straight forward banging and rocking track, needs more time to get into the song.  A psychedelic jam divides the song before the second part comes along with a guitar soundscape that reminds on Nick DiSalvo´s organic guitarplay, followed by a heavy blues jam. This song presents a fantastic trip through late 60´s sound without pandering to a late 60´s production. The next track "Öresund" starts as a jam with a distorted bass - which stays a constant base for the jam and sound session in this song. A bastard between My Sleeping Karma, Hawkwind and Quicksilver. "World´s Apart" is a true Jazzrock song with unleashed drums and a furious jam between bass and an organ. "Double Sun, Pt.1" calms us down for four minutes, as the heavy fuzzed guitar army sets in to finish the song in a heavy bluesy manner, whereas "Double Sun, Pt.2" turns into a veritable Hawkwind track, with one riff throughout eight minutes, blended with spacey keyboard beeps and a restless lead guitar, guided by an agile drumming. 

Wtf? 55 minutes are over now and it feels like two minutes. This is really a fantastic record, with a beautiful artwork and a clear, powerful and airy production.

Release date: 04-24-2020 on elparaiso records

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