Nocebo -  Biography

Nocebo is Heavystoned who´s making music. Now. In 2010, the band started as a Kyuss Cover band and it turns into a one-man-project since 2012, when his wife and him moved to La Palma. During CC in 2020, Nocebo started to create music with his musical influences like Motörhead, Hawkwind, Karma to Burn, My Sleeping Karma and Café del Mar. Strictly DIY, using mostly a bass, GarageBand and a cheap Behringer mixing deck.

His ignition to do music was in 1997, when his friend Hermann asked him to join his friends for a band, so damage done were born and still exists. Still they play progy 70´s tunes. Nocebo left the band in 2002 to found Aspirin Kit, which lasted for 1 record, 1 radio appearance, 2 years and 40 shows of 80´s hardcore like NOFX, Bad Religion etc. do.

Nocebo filled the void that followed by inspiring his pupils for music during his career as a teacher for 8 years. Those who stuttered could sing, shy ones became bandleaders, class representatives played drums or went to concerts.

After seeing Karma to Burn twice in 2011, Nocebo bought himself his first guitar - at the age of 45. Karma to Burn managed to play catchy and heavy riffs, together with a lead bass and drums played as another guitar. Max from GarageBand became the closest friend with his direct and powerful drumming to create Nocebo´s tunes.

damage done

aspirin kit

Nocebo´s releases

A collection of 7 New Wave covers.

Music that describes my wife´s collection of pictures.

Instrumental Heavy Stoner Rock with a bit of Punk in it.

Finally: Nocebo´s first Café del Mar album.

Music inspired by a trip through the forme Etruscan Heartland of Tuscany.

Hypnotic driving music, instrumental and heavy