Green King - Hidden Beyond Time

In 2013, I sold my vinyl collection consisting of around 3000 pieces. Among of them were around 300 NWoBHM-Records, which I sold all over the world. I changed completely into the digital thing. The NWoBHM with its DIY-mentality still represents for me a more positive attitude to to and to live for and with the music you like. No matter, if the records date from the 1980´s or now, you still feel the positive vibes transported by this kind of music. Punk from the 1980´s is much more aggressive but also much more destructive and negative and dsytopic. The Metal out of these years still worships hedonism and humor. Green King benchmarked the traditional British recipe with a lot of finnish vibes like great musical skills, a bit of sarcasm and irony to create their own and remarkable NWoBHM trademark.


An album rated with "Overkill" unites different musical styles, good production and no fillers.