These guys recreated their own musical cosmos from ingredients like a sexless Robert Plant voice, blended with a bit of dirt and lush of Chris Robinson, Cactus riffs and a relaxed southern coolness in their groove and rhythm. So they did in the opener "Forrst Nymph". "Doubleblind"appears like a more bluesy version of Hawkwind with a sluggish speed. "Mountain Child" opens up with a cowbell and a riff that reminds me at "Mississippi Queen" from Mountain, but not with this rigorousness Mountain did. All cool and relaxed. "Harvest Queen" is cleary influenced by "Good times, bad times" kick off and the sincopic rhythm of "Heartbreaker", a more driving beat than the previous songs. The title and the duration of seven minutes show me, there wil be some jammin´ goin´on "Wizzard Bong" and so it is. "Black Hash" leads us to another Zeppelin tune with a more trippy and reverb solo. The jazzy intro and structure of "Devil Weed" breaks the previous blues shemes, it sounds more than a spontanious jam during rehearsals. "Waintin´round you" closes this album that appears like one song in which you check in and leave after 45 minutes, filled with memories and references of end 60´s and early 70´s blues rock, drenched in psychedelic and jazz and jammin´. Cool vibes, easy to listen and a cool soundtrack for a bbq and some beers. Well done, guys!!

A consequent and cool and relaxed record, lingering along this laidback Steely Dan and Eagles style, a clear musical direction, good production and actually no fillers. The Ace of Spades!!