Matte vandeven, my sleeping karma & sound of liberation

We managed to find a quiet moment at the "Stoned from the Underground" in 2017, together with Seppi, having a beer and a chat after Seppi gifted a "My Sleeping Karma"-Shirt for my wife. The festival turned out well and Matte is like a rock in all these waves of wishes and demands on a festival. So we three found us in a moment of relief, which was captured by Reina.

Desertfest Berlin, 2023

There was a lot of concern from the stoner community as to whether the Columbiahalle was a suitable location for Desertfest at all because the arena in East Berlin was much larger. Well, the arena cost so much money in the run-up to Desertfest that the organizers had to look for another location. The choice fell on the Columbia Hall, which, in contrast to the Arena, is purely a concert hall with correspondingly good sound and light. That was an extremely good choice. Especially since the Columbia Theater was a club-like location as a second stage. And Matte had big concerns about whether the Desertfest would work out. It worked and how. A festival is like a competition for the audience and so as a spectator you had the choice between different bands that you wanted to see. So we listened to great music from different bands for 6-7 hours. His initial doubts, as can be seen in the picture here, were swept away over the course of the festival.