Till Lindemann - a psychological game

Eric Berne founded transactional analysis around 1961, a solution-oriented therapy that deals with current transactions such as conversations and actions between people and unlike psychoanalysis, which looks for the causes of problems. A pillar of transactional analysis are the psychological games (book: Games People Play), all of which follow the above pattern. As long as there is a psychological game between two people, it ends with the payout and the favorite emotion of the two players, be it triumph or sadness or melancholy. These feelings are not real feelings, but racquets or mixed feelings. The racquet is the players' attempt to replace missing pieces of the puzzle in their personality such as affection, attention or even love. Since it is manipulative, every game will leave a bitter aftertaste.

Well, what is the use of a psychological game? In the case of Rammstein, due to the numerous rescuers, record sales and clicks are increasing, which shows that the opposite of what was actually intended was achieved, namely to really screw these stage machos - by the way, also a psychological game.

From a legal point of view, this game is useless because the prosecution has no evidence, which in turn holds up a mirror to society. Criminal law cannot solve this case in the interests of the prosecutors, since there is a presumption of innocence in our criminal law. The rest is opinion making, allegations, maybe slander, witch hunts, personal moral views, media lust. If we put this above all else, we have just such a society that is emerging everywhere. Because all this is variable depending on your point of view. Personal guidelines. What everyone has to agree on in order to make living together possible are existing laws that can then be accessed legally. And only these count at the end of the day.