Destruction + Lost Society + Evil Invaders, 10-01-2014; Munich, Backstage, 150 spectators

Yes, it was almost a private concert for all the spectators. Most of them looked like the bands with their skinny trousers, basketball-sneakers, basebal-caps with suicidal tendencies written and with patches all over their jeans jackets. It really was the feeling I had, when I saw all the Thrash Metal-Bands during the 80s. Unfortunately we missed “Evil Invaders” but the following madness and mayhem caused by the young Finnish band  ”Lost Society” was worth to see. I mean, that is a band that won 3 casting shows and gained the second place behind “Children of Bodom” in the national Metal-Awards. And these guys are 18, 19 years old. Of course, they played old-school Thrash Metal from mid-80s to 90s, but they played it with such o lot of energy, with an incredible stage-acting, headbanging, jumping, with such technical skills and power, especially the drummer Ossi Panaanen. First I thought, it was Gene Hoglan on drums, no, it was a 19 year old Finnish maniac who was the power and speed-station for the band. Not to forget the two guitars with their massive rhythm and highspeed-soli and the powerfull voice of Samy Elbanna. They were close to the former Thrash Metal Band “Wehrmacht”, the old “Legacy” and “Death Angel”

After 45 minutes, the madness, mixed by thrash, death and speed metal was over, the audience was groggy and happy about this show. Very, very good band, very sympathic band.


Setlist Lost Society

1.     Wasted After Midnight 

2.     Attaxic 

3.     N.W.L. 

4.     Tyrant Takeover 

5.     KILL (Those Who Oppose Me) 

6.     Overdosed Brain 

7.     Toxic Avenger 

8.     Braindead Metalhead 

9.     Fatal Anoxia 

10.  Terror Hungry 

After this firework of death and thrash and speed and mayhem, Destruction entered the stage and personally said, they were and will be my favourite Thrash Metal-Band because there are too many stories connected with them. I first saw them in May 1985 on Swiss TV, two weeks later live on stage and another two weeks later as support from Slayer, and I knew them personally because they visited Rock- and Heavy Metal-Bars in my hometown. With all these feelings I saw them again after seeing them at the Hellfest 2011. And we didn´t get disappointed. The opener was “Total Destruction” followed by “Curse the Gods”, “The Ritual”, “Release of Agony”, “Antichrist”, “Black Death” and more. “Bestial Invasion” closed the regular set, 3 encores “The butcher strikes back” “Thrash Attack” and “Tormentor” finished the concert. I mean, nothing special happened on stage, “Schmier” on bass and vocals, “Mike” on guitar and “Vaver” on drums did their jobs, but it was the intensity of their doing, what made a great concert out of a usual concert. If you got caught in their groovy Thrash Metal beat, there will be no way out, you start to bang, to mosh and to slam an after 90 minutes it´s all over and you ask yourself: “Wow, has it already finished?” Our ears were ringing, our necks ached for three days, what a concert, and watch out for “Lost Society”!