greenleaf - hear the rivers

Greenleaf seemed to me like the double-headed Janus; they have a live sound and they have a studio sound. And their songs sounded better on stage than on record. But what happened on this record is a squaring the circle. It is Garage AND Stadium Rock, concerning songwriting AND production, it is catchy AND progressive concerning songwriting, it stomps AND grooves. Starting with "Let it out", a devastating monster of a track which makes the girls swing their hips and the boys bang their heads. Like QOTSA does it since a few records. "Sweet is the Sound" is a bastard of a gospel blues, fuzzy guitar and protopunk. A late 60´s reminescence on Detroit´s vital music scene. Do not expect two similar songs on this record, because "A Point of a secret" is dominated by Arvid´s incredible vocal line. "Good ol´Goat" is a hammering and stomping monster which appears like a simple track, but listen to what happens on the drums during this song!! "The Rumble and the Weight" comes as a fuzzy psychedelic tune which is blended with some proggy breaks. Absolutely the highlight in composing up to now. This record makes you curious, what will happen next. And so "We are the Pawns" surprises you with its mid 70´s blues style, before "Oh my Bones" kicks off again like a Stooges song. The riffing in "In the Caverns Below" is quite more restrained than in all the previous songs, but the the reverbed solo gives this song a some pure majestic vibes. A goose bumps song!! "High Fever" picks up the punky nervousity of "Oh my Bones". Actually, you´re quite full-filled with styles, but the definite climax of this record is "The Rivers Lullaby",  hypnotic vocals, halftime rhythm, pretending to calm down the energy. But. It´s not like you expected. Wow. What a record. No more supergroup or project, this is a statement of a well grounded band, managing to blend styles, moods and different energies. No filler, just a perfect record in all points of view. 10/10

"Inferno" is given for a precision in timing and songwriting, a capture of live sound and energy and a perfect artwork.