PintorRock 2022

day #2, 10-30-2022



tropa de carallo

Both bands were about the same, old Streetpunk or Radical Basque Rock.


10 members, 10 different styles of music, sometimes in one song. Doesn´t matter, the crowd knew them all.

chicos del maíz

A lot of words during their Rap and HipHop. I don´t like Rap and HipHop.


Narco were one of the bands we wanted to see since 2004, as we saw the movie "Cronicas - The monster of Babahoya", as the main-character John Leguizamo wore a NARCO-shirt. A couple of months later, we bought all their records in our little record-store in Los Llanos de Aridane. We love their unpredictable mix of Rap, Hardcore, Punk, Metal and also comedy. A fantastic concert with a a weak sound and a lot of issues on stage