Elder - Innate Passage

Me as Nocebo (musician), Heavystoned (writer and promoter) and Ripsi Rebellion (RR; Punk) sat together and discussed the latest release of Elder.


Nocebo: Brilliant musician´s skills, perfect balance between trippy, heavy and light moments, combined with a very humble production.


RR: It is like at the end of the 70´s as the whole dumbass-press worshipped progressive rock, with endless solos, breaks, senseless lyrics and self-adulated musicians. You went to a concert and left without anything catchy in your ears. You just saw a delighted audience.


Heavystoned: That´s the way a good group in a good concert works. They deliver, without any fuss around. A kind of a punky attitude, isn´t it?


RR: This music is far away of being Punk or socially relevant. It is a lully music which keeps you away from thinking.


Nocebo: This is pure art being at the same time punk in the sense of "we do what we want", combined with great skills. This record is everything at the same time, with a lot of contradictions and tensions. This is pure art. if you want to listen to political music, so listen to Bad Religion.


Heavystoned: I always use the expression "to square the circle" which is almost not duable, but this band managed it to combine a lot of influences into an organic whole.


RR: I´m far away to accept this kind of music as art. If you write a song which lasts 10 or 12 minutes and you can´t create a climax or a certain dynamic in a song, combined with poor vocals, it is far away from good songwriting.


Nocebo: I follow Elder since 2015 and they played all the big festivals. Their concerts are always like a ritual and they manage to capture the whole audience together. And this record will do it the same way.


Heavystoned: So I will rate this record with an "Ace of Spades" and nominate it for the record of the year. 


An album rated with "Ace of Spades" shows a clear musical direction, combining actual styles, directions and production and avoid needless experiments.