Dozer - drifting in the endless void

Dozer - A Comeback with Force and Passion


After a long absence from the music scene, Dozer returns with their latest album, showingcasing why their unique sound remains unforgettable. As soon as the band enters the studio, all controls and knobs on the mixer freeze, eagerly waiting to bring Dozer's distinctive sound to life.

No matter who sits behind the drum kit during the recording, they must follow the vocals and act as a third guitar. This wall of sound is crowned by Freddy Nordin's voice, capturing Dozer's raw energy perfectly. It's almost as if they are the Motorhead of the Stoner genre - reliable, humorous, and deafeningly loud.

It's difficult to talk about each individual song because each one takes the listener on a journey with unexpected twists. Just when you think you can headbang with all your might, you're suddenly halted, only to be swept away by epic sounds that veer into the punk realm. Dozer consistently keeps the listener on their toes, never allowing them to settle into predictability.

The album is a gripping rollercoaster of emotions, and it will be exciting to see how often and where Dozer will perform live, unleashing this energy and passion on stage. The album promises an exhilarating ride for both fans and newcomers alike.

With their return, Dozer proves that they haven't lost any of their power and unmistakable style. Their music hits like a mighty punch to the gut, sweeping you away and never letting go. Dozer is back, and that's cause for celebration.


This album is awarded by an "Inferno" for a precision in timing and songwriting, the capture of the band´s live sound and energy, crowned by a perfect artwork. It´s also a trademark album for the further cooperation with the production and engineering team.