Dozer - drifting in the endless void

No matter how long Dozer have been disappeared from the music scene; if they enter a studio for producing a record, all controls and knobs on the mixer wait petrified to be allowed to reproduce the unique sound of Dozer.

And no matter who´s drumming on the record, he has to follow the voice and fill and play like a third guitar. This wall of sound is crowned by Freddy Nordin´s voice. Hey, I´m talking about Dozer, the Motörhead in the Stoner scene, reliable, humorous and very loud. There´s no need to talk about every single song because every song sometimes leads you down the wrong path; you think i can headbang now, then there'll be a break, if it gets too epic, it gets punky or vice versa. It has become an exciting album and it will be exciting how often and how the band will perform live on stage.


This album is awarded by an "Inferno" for a precision in timing and songwriting, the capture of the band´s live sound and energy, crowned by a perfect artwork. It´s also a trademark album for the further cooperation with the production and engineering team.