Monkey3 & The Delayed, 10-25-2023, Backstage, Munich, Halle

100 spectators

the delayed

Thanks to The Delayed who got in to ring as a local support. And thanks to some people from Regensburg who travelled way and back 300km to see Monkey3, because the gig in Regensburg was cancelled. And thanks to The Delayed to warm up the few spectators. A lot of them were Latin Americans and Spanish because they wanted to see Toundra, so they were a quite disappointed. Nevertheless, The Delayed had long instrumental parts within their Heavy Blues and Heavy Psych Music so musically it fitted well to Monkey3. I saw them in 2022 as they opened up for Pentagram and this band really needs a certain response from the crowd for their jams. IMO, the band could add some speed in their songs and put some more midrange in the bass to change the bass into a leading bass, so that the guitars have more room to improvise so the whole thing would drift in a bit more Hawkwind.


Setlist Monkey3:




new song from upcoming album 23.02.24,


Through the desert…




Usually, the typical Monkey3-concert stops after Through the Desert, without encore and no new song. Usually means, when they play at a festival. And at a festival, they have to use the lights of the festival and so on.

This concert showed me that the band members are located far beyond their music and the lights. They played a soundtrack for the lights, which were good to complement the music. Of course, Boris is a rocker and deserves a lot of limelight, but not in Monkey3. It is more a collective with equal members than a typical band. As usual, it takes time to forget your daily troubles to join the music. I was in t he concert when they played Jack and prayed it would not end within 2 or 3 hours. Of course I cried after the first break and the ongoing solo in Icarus, of course I was banging in "Through the desert", business as usual. But this time, the band played 90 minutes and it seemed to me like a symphonic chamber concert, with a lot of dynamics in volume and intensity, embedded in light. It was the best of the 5 concerts we saw of them.