Tuber - Out of the Blue

Tuber added more sounds to their compositions. The opener "Out of the Blue" starts with an 80´s synthesizer and syntesizer bass, followed by a saxophone guitar, underlayed by decent keyboards. This Judas Priest´s Turbo like sound fades for a light, slightly shredded part, which is the bridge for the more orchestral last part of the song. The pentatonic hooks lifting on until the song stops at his climax. Quite difficult to top this composition. A classical exposition of what will follow on this record.

Russians kicks off with a hard and steady drum beat and the main riff, which is accompaignend by the harmonic tonality in the second part. A Progrock part splits the song again, and after a slow waltz, the beat gets direct and leads straight to the end.

A screaming and yawning guitar opens - together with a 80´s bass -  the song Cat Class. Then the  band created a New Wave Atmosphere with some shredding guitars in the background and a dominating synthy bass. The song is heading straight to his end with a guitar sound, that reminds me on the Fields of the Nephilim

Noman lingers on with laid back drums and bass and a picked guitar with echo. But in the background you feel the change of the mood with the heavy tapped guitars inmidst the cold.

Monn Rabbit could be song from their last productions. His atmosphere is warmer, more Rock than the New Wave.

Luckily Dead finishes this fabolous record with all the references and allusions the opener made. 

This record gets the people to dance, to dream and to bang their heads. Fantastic!!

No words.. fantastic record with a fantastic sound and diverity of styles and sounds.

A clear overkill

"Inferno" is given for a precision in timing and songwriting, a capture of live sound and energy and a perfect artwork.