Disillusion - The Liberation

This record is created as a soundtrack, no matter if you fly over landscapes or fight some dragons or monsters. Why this? Actually, I´m not the visual type, I´m more into acoustic, that´s why I´m writing about music. "In Waking Hours" leads into this cinemascope, widescreen riff of "Wintertide.” The spoken vocals evoke an apocalyptic "War of the World"-like feeling lingering throughout the song, alternating between blast beats, shredding guitars and ambient overlays. Yes, of course, this is not a simple kind of music. But. Despite to all the changes of rhythms and moods, at the end of the song you will keep the catchy chorus in your mind.

"The Great Unknown" presents are more homogenic song with head-blasting blast beats during the first half and the half time drumming during the other. So the acoustic movie turns another page in the script to reach "A Shimmer in the Dark", which kicks off with an "Areals"-like bass-line and narrative vocals, turning into an epic battle hymn, without boring, predictable harmonies and an ambient fade-out. "The Liberation" creates a motive of escaping after being caged and a safe return, I guess that´s why this song is called "The Liberation.”

The video to "Time To Let Go" was recorded in the Elbsandsteingebirge, southeast of Dresden. The same landscapes are situated in the nearby Czech Republic. They look like castles you have to conquer from the air and after having recognised that these are peaceful and majestic landscapes you - and the song - returns to harmony and peace. A fantastic, catchy, and interesting song. This motive is captured by "The Mountain" until two David Gilmour reminiscence soli close this song.

"Between" is a peaceful, atmospheric and mind calming ending of a fantastic ride through inner pictures and feelings. 

This record represents a decade of life with all its ups and downs, a resonance of a vital and creative band banned to follow them on their musical and personal ride.

Not only the music forces you to follow. Read the lyrics while whenever you will listen the record and recognize their poetic forces and literaral quality. This record represents an entire masterpiece and get this band on tour in 2020.