Dymytry & Hiraes & Böse Wolf, Backstage Club, Munich, 3-9-2024, sold out

Saturday evening, sold out concert, exciting acts, Rock´n Roll, yeah!!

After a concert like this, I´m always amazed about the different ingredients you can adjoint Heavy Metal. The first Band was called "Böse Fuchs", a German band or project around Bad Fox, a female guitar player and multi-everything. Based on a small dose of Metal and with a lot of other non-metallic stuff added, female rapped vocals. Musically not my thing, but interesting to follow.

A harsh contrast was Hiraes with our beloved Britta on vocals, leading through a 50 shades of Death Metal setlist and presenting their latest album "Dormant". I was too busy in headbanging so I have no idea about what song they played. "We owe no one" was already my favorite track from their latest release and so I got a rough throat by screaming along. A pity, after 30 minutes and Britta´s bath in the pit, the set ended. 

The crowd obviously came to see Dymytry and a look at their setlist showed me 17 songs, this could be a long evening. The crowd could sing along. In my opinion, Dymytry seems to be a group for an easy acces to Heavy Metal like Volbeat was in 2007 or Slipknot in 2001 and the mostly young and female audience was completely delighted by this band. Their look was a bit evil "light" adapted by Slipknot, the singalong-songs reminded me on Rammstein, Ooomph. 

In fact, Hiraes killed us and so we left in the middle of Dymytry´s set.