PintorRock 2022

day #1: 10-29-2022


Excavadora hailing from Gasteiz/Basque Country with an unique mix of Punk, Rock´n Roll, Streetpunk and catchy vocals. A quite melodic and mid-tempo affair, which accelerated the last 20 minutes of their concert.

El ultimo ke zierre

This band - short EUKZ- are one of the long lasting and playing Spanish punkbands. Active since 1987, their songs are a kind of common cultural heritage so no wonder that the full-pack tent with around 8.000 spectators sang along all their songs. A phenomen, which happened during all the following concerts. They played a more rough version of Social Distortion´s "White light.."-album. Great concert and another band which I should care for. 

angelus apartida

Angelus Apartida (Homeless Angel) is THE institution since 2002 in the Spanish Heavy Metal scene. The band is the only one singing in english and despite this their last three releases topped the Spanish charts. We know them since their first appearance at the Hellfest 2014 and their songwritting is just outstanding. Mixing classic Bay Area Thrash with Hardcore and NWOBHM, their songs remain catchy and unpredictable. Even their songs were sung by the audience so obviously, there are no borders between Punk and Thrash in Spain. A fantastic concert.

soziedad alkoholica

One of the reasons to go to this festival was Soziedad Alkoholica. Mala Sangre was our entry in this band, which has released around 25 records and EPs in their career since 1988. Useless to say: their mix of melodic Hardcore, Heavy and Thrash Metal, combined with critical lyrics made them to an anchor for Metalheads and Punks in Spain. A very sympathic band off-stage and on-stage an incredible good live band who also offered a huge production with flames and fog and a fantastic sound. The audience did the pyros.

el drogas

El Drogas does and lives music since 1983. Always between the styles, benchmarking the best of all, blended with his charismatic voice and appearance, he took the crowd by storm. Now we noticed that we are in the midth of an incredible festival which unites almost 40 years of Spanish Rock and Punk. Useless to say that the crowd sung all the songs and sometimes the sound-tech turned off the sound for hearing the audience in a better way. Incredible.

segismuno toxicomano (segis)

Segis from Vitoria/ Basque Country, is one of the countless successors of Basque Punkrock bands. They are active since 1997 and they played a quite transitional kind of Punk; clearly influenced by 1977´s Punk and the more melodic 1990´s bands like NOFX, Bad Religion or The Offspring. No matter in which direction the songs moved, the audience just sung along at sung louder than the band played. A lot of Segis shirts could be observed during the festival so obviously one of the more known bands in Spain.

bad manners

Bad Manners arrived around midnight to play at 2.20 am. So they had a few time to check-in, get their bracelet and some beers. Buster just hanging around with his Spanish tour-manager and cracked jokes which she didn´t understand. So I helped her out and Buster and I did this selfie.