The Necromancers, Blackdoor Music Fest, 7-1-2023, Stadl, 200 spectators

The debut "Servants of the Salem Girl" was one of the first albums that I reviewed for Heavystoned. The last sentence "See you at the Valley in 2019" was to come true shortly after the release of "Of Blood and Wine". Unfortunately we didn't get any tickets for Hellfest 2019. So actually since 2017 we've been trying to see the band live somewhere, talk to them and have a nice time. I like the balance in their music; per song one discovers 5.6 musical directions, all of which balance each other out. Each direction gets its 1-2 minute playing time, so it's not surprising that "Black Marble House" is the shortest song at just under 6 minutes. So there we go and even an accident couldn't stop us from joining this band.

The band bus of "The Necromancers" collapsed near Nuremberg and the band had to hire a car, which then took them to the festival. The organization let the band play in the city because the headliner "The Ocean Collective" will need between 1-2 hours to clear all the equipment onto the big stage.


Matthias (right) was supposed to mix the band, both the stage and the hall sound. And the result was a memorable concert for all involved band, organizer, mixer and audience. From the first to the last minute, there was positive tension on the part of the band and the audience, because the complex songs depend on a perfect sound. At the time, no one suspected that this crooked, wood-panelled barn with its wooden-roofed stage and its rough, unplastered walls and floor, with Matthias at the mixing console, conjured up such a clear and powerful sound both on stage and in the room. After a short time the band was in a relaxed mood to play, the songs went by in a matter of seconds, the audience recognized what gifted musicians were on stage and both sides pushed themselves from the opener "Salem Girl" to the last song "Black Marble House". storms of enthusiasm. The fact that all the merch was sold out afterwards was only a logical consequence of this fantastic concert. The band also confirmed to us after the concert that the structural disadvantages of the Stadl were actually advantages in terms of sound.