Rough Spell - Modern Kicks for the solitary Witch

Yes, finally female voices which are far from just decorating some riffs or so. The vocals and their varieties are the trademark on this debut EP, combined with the proggy interpretation of Sabbath or Pentagram or Witchcraft´s latest Nucleus. To compare the vocals with early Heart is evident. It´s no disadvantage to have a powerful voice with a huge range as a leading instrument in a band.

The catchy opener is dominated with different ways to sing an actually easy composed song. Metamorphosize follows with a more complexe song structure and another incredible and powerful vocal line. Rope is more the late 70´s rocker in a Billy Squier style until the early 70´s take over and have I forgot to mention this voice? "Confessions of the Dominant Class blends Prog with a more epic riffing.. and listen to that voice.

My favorite song closes this fantastic album. "Star Reader" A more forward oriented beat, harmony guitars and a theatrical performance of the voice until the calmer part sets in and catch you to follow this great composition until the harsh an tragic end of this album. A pleasure to hear this band and a jewel in this meanwhile overcrowded market of so called doom rock.

An album rated with "Overkill" unites different musical styles, good production and no fillers.