Vended & Lost Society & Chaosbay, Backstage Halle, 6/6/2023, 200 spectators


Chaosbay are far away from scaring parents. Their catchy and slickly polished Metalcore scares no one. The band has been active since 2012 and has around 3500 followers on facebook. More than Heavystoned!! The boys enjoy their hobby and whether there are 2, 20 or 200 spectators, they will always do their best. Since it's "just" a hobby, the frustration with headliner tours that take place in front of "only" 150-200 spectators is also limited. So Chaosbay could actually be satisfied compared to the following bands.

lost society

Being founded in 2010, playing the Mainstage at the Hellfest in 2014 and other well-known Festivals and now, in 2023, co-headliner with Vended and playing in front of 200 spectators? Doesn´t mind at all, Lost Society gave everything with a well-balanced set of old stuff (Thrash Metal) and new stuff (Metalcore), divided by the traditional Metalcore ballad. The main problem will be, that the gap between the 5-10 big names in Heavy Metal and the rest will get bigger and bigger, because none will reach a kind of "middle class status" to fill venues with 1500 - 2000 spectators, because these venues are reserved for big names like Kreator or Heaven Shall Burn or so.


Signed drumheads (kick) for 150€ or 70€ (snare) for a band with 96.000 followers? A band who´s touring with a nightliner? The megalomania of heavy metal bands seems to know no boundaries.


Of course, it´s Metalcore with almost the same song structures as Slipknot. That means no structure, no refrain, no reconciling element and nothing what could stick in your head but the at least 200 f**ks for the f**king audience and motherf**kers.