The Great Machine, Stoned from the Underground 2019

I spent around three months in Isreal in 1987 as a volunteer in a Kibbutz close to Akko. It is impossible not to talk about politics and history and histeria with Israelis. We did. We had a lot of fun and of course they were curious about my impressions of their homeland. Actually, the band and their surrounding were like Latinos; they were able to mix party and politics and to share their energy with the audience. A fantastic experience with Mikael, Omr and Aviv and their girlfriends. We both found in them brothers in mind

the great machine, desertfest berlin 2023

We knew it already in 2019 that we share the same state of mind and the same attitude. No wonder that Omr´s welcome was like it was and our talk after kickstarted like there were no 4 years and the plandemie between the two festivals. Actually, they said, that we are cooler than they are, and so do we. A pure joy to meet them again.