This is my former Band Aspirin Kit before a concert in March 2004. From left to right: Marc, voc; Frank, drums; Manu, guit & backing voc, and me, bass and backing vocals. We´ve been together for two years and those two years expanded my already countless amount of favorite groups. At an early stage of our band, Frank told me, if like a realy fast, loud and mean band, I had to listen to ZEKE.

So I checked their records and bought all of them. My wife Petra (aka Reina Rebellion) was completely in them and so we put ZEKE on our tapes and CDs and tried to convince our friends to listen to ZEKE. A few followed and so remained a few fans. It was around 2002.

I organized around 80% of all our gigs. In 2003, I met Micha Schmidt, an old friend of mine of or commun Punk era in 1986 & 1987, when he sang in our local Punkband "Konsumterror". He booked with his company "Fucking Good Concerts" gigs around Stuttgart. And as I saw, ZEKE will be playing in one of my favorite clubs, which is ran by my former compagnions of the occupied house where we lived together in 1987, I talked to him for being the local support for ZEKE and Camaro Smith. It was too short before the concert and he gave us one support for Electric Frankenstein and the other for the Sewer Grooves. Anyway, we drove from Munich to Stuttgart to see the concert and needless to see, we were stoked about this band. We missed to talk and get in contact with them.

The next concert we went to took place in 2005 in Munich at the Feierwerk. A lot of Turbojugend guys came to see ZEKE. And there were no merch anymore. So we decided to do it own our own. We printed foils with the logos and ironed them on T-Shirts. We went to a lot of festivals and concerts between 2005 and 2012 and nobody knew that band.

Around 2008, a lot of Turbojugend chapters colleted money to get this band again to Europe and they also donated money for Donny´s wife for a medical treatment. Donny wrote us, that he sent all the money back, because Zeke didn´t exist in this time. So we had to wait again for a tour.

Hellfest Productions and the booking team of the Stoned from the Underground-Festival asked on their facebook accounts in November 2016 which band you want to see on both festivals. I posted "ZEKE" and wrote both of them why. So this wish turned into reality; ZEKE played at the Hellfest and at the Stoned from the Underground (SFTU). 

My wife told me that ZEKE´s van just arrived at the SFTU and so I approached slowly and a bit uncertain about Marky Felchtone, roumors about his difficult character in my head. This meeting was actually the beginning of our friendship which turned into his visit of Germany with his daughter to show her ruins and castles. And: My wife, Marky and I were born at August 14th, Marky and I in 1966. What a coincidence.

This is no joke, they meant it!! As Petra told them during the Helldorado Festival, that we had to paid around 500€ to get transport from La Palma to Eindhoven and that we run out of money to buy some presents for Christmas, the offered her money to buy presents. Hell yeah!!