Yeah, this is a tasty appetizer for The Great Machine´s forthcoming album in 2018. A Kyuss-based rhythm section meets Deville on vocals for a stompy and groovy two-minutes song that starts within those magic 15 seconds in which Motörhead songs kicked off. Enough said!



After their first appetizer "Mirayj", I expected a record full of these two-minutes songs that knock off your head. Surprisingly, this album starts with "Slide Show", a heavy fuzzed blues and quite angry vocals, which were mixed more in the background than on "Mirayj". This kind of Doom or Sludge usually make me skip or break down listening to a band. So I skipped to "Motor Charlie",a fast rockin´bastard, made out of some early Orange Goblin, blended with 1978 Motörhead style, which closes more peaceful and trippier than it kicked off.

"Mirayj" is already fixed on my playlist for 2018. Magic, how the band managed to destile their styles in a two minute song. "Witches" is the heavy blues, that could have been done in three minutes.

"Dragon Wagon" breathes a clear Fu Manchu spirit, cruising along dusty highways, for example between Eilat and Ein Gedi. "Doom Machine" tortured my ears, and, like the title says, it´s Doom and one of the more tortured ones. "Respect" closes this album with a heavy and pyschadelic Blues, very authentic in its structure and very heavy in its performance. 4/6 killers on a debut album is a really good achievement. Have an eye on this band, which should move to Europe to get more gigs and appreciation.

This is an overall Bomber for The Great Machine. The experiments in this moment of their career show courage, but in the same time it couldn´t serve to spread their succes.