Buss - Aroused

Hailing from Trieste / Italy and prowling through dusty deserts and dirty punky backstreets, robbing 80´s Metal and some Doom on their trip through music history, for building some Mad Max-like bastard bad-ass music. 

The record kicks off with "Woland", the first example of benchmarking good music into a personal style with extracts of Doom, NWobHM, some Punk, just to reduce the speed and lift the doom-factor for "Canned Fear", and more aggressive and sludgy track. 2 minutes "Iron Files" are filled with guitar solos and harsh riffing, a kind of proto doom rocksong. "Pistol Shrimp" again  is fishing in Doom-Stereotypes concerning riffs and speed. I like "Onion Rings", the next song, up to now, their fastest song. More my cup of coffee. "Garden of Fools" contains the best guitar solo I heard for years in a dramatic composed ballad. My favorite song on the record. "The Beer Song" is a bastard of a heavy, almost punky blues banger.

All these songs were barked with a Cronos-like voice, with a lot of reverb and growls. Unusual record from an unusual band, with a lot of potential for a further career.


I don´t like and use school-marks to rate a record. As a huge Motörhead-Fan, I rate with their records. This record deserves a "What´s Words Worth" by Motörhead. This record symbolizes an authentic and raw production with no overdubs and songs with an outpouring energy.