Gore - Revanche

I know this band since 1987 and saw hem with Henry Rollins twice on their autumn tour 1987. Their music has always been in advance of the time. I have never heard instrumental mantra heavy rock before, which lead you in trance without consuming drugs. Same happens with Revanche. I don´t mind if the songs are remastered or some new parts added; it´s just interesting music, not one part is predictable, at the same time it´s proggy, thrashy, groovy. It´s music for music lovers and not for bbq-party or background. This music forces you to listen and it gives a new dimension to the term cross-over. And again, this band manages to stay avantgardistic, because they create a real postmodern kind of rock with a huge amount of last 30 years possible influences. I´m glad they´re back and I´ll wait for their next tour.