ZOE - Back Into The Light

I´m quite deep rooted into the French Metal and Punk scene since 2008. But this jewel of Heavy Stoner Rock was like a hidden gem. "Back Into The Light" is the band´s 4th release. Most of the French Rock´n Roll-Bands are mainly influenced by Motörhead and so it´no wonder, that bands like "Vulcain" or "Iron Bastards" only imitated Motörhead with no individual style. ZOE is clearly based on Motörhead´s power and groove, but it has their unique style to rock. A clear and powerful production far away from fuzzy, distorted Stoner Rock or a cheap Motörhead plagiate.

The opener "Back Into The Light", the Motörhead - or better said Lemmy - tribute "Band of Brothers" and "In Praize of Laziness" were the midtempo rocking songs on this album, sourrounded by Glam- and Sleaze Rock pearls like "Down in the Hole", or Thin Lizzy´s twin-guitars on "Voices".

Actually, it doesn´t matter to which song you listen; all of them have the same good timing to start a song within 15 seconds,powerful and non-annoying vocals, catchy chorus´ and the right attitude to have fun, for which Rock´n Roll suits.


ZOE´s fourth album is clear "Bastards" from Motörhead: More than a fistful of class songs, great production, great songwriting and unfortunately overlooked and underrated. Just listen to ZOE´s lyrics, their harmony chorus´ and their brilliant timing in all of their songs.