Toundra & Magec, Aguere Cultural, San Cristobal de Laguna, 29.12.2018, 400 spectators

The Aguere Cultural is a complex with 4 venues with different sizes and these two bands filled the 400 spectator venue.

This venue had a magnificent acoustic and both bands are served with a class of a sound.

Magec played a slow stumping Doom Metal, which I generally don´t like. But their locals liked them.

Next was Toundra, Spain´s best selling band, like Kreator or Hammerfall or Judas Priest in Germany. Metalheads and Musicnerds are buying records!! You´re wrong, if you think, that this concert was filled with Metalheads and Musicnerds. A concert in Spain is the background for meeting your friends and to show I can afford the ticket and the drinks and I can post it on social media. Same happened at the Zeke concert in Madrid. This was the reason we left before the last songs. Toundra are masters in dynamic, in tension, in composing and in melodies. And to build up symphonies of riffs and hooks and melodies. Fantastic!! And all this must be played at a maximum volume with a pounding, powerful and precise sound. So it was. We liked the music, we liked the venue, we talked with the people, but their behaviour in concerts disliked this fantastic band.