Humulus - Flowers of Death

Thomas replaced Andrea on guitars and his' arrival with a fresh vocal approach expands the band's sound, adding a touch of new psychedelia. While their signature stoner doom elements are still present, the album now features captivating melodies and a more diverse sound. It offers a perfect balance between neck-breaking tracks and soothing, psychedelic ones, appealing to a broad range of fans and hinting at a new creative direction for the band.

'Stoner doom stereotypes appear immediately in 'Black Water,' with a heavy, slow rhythm and a touch of Italian psychedelia. 'Secret Room' maintains a robust sound, drilling our senses with bass and captivating melodies. 'Shimmer Haze' marks a turning point, blending stoner with '70s psychedelic elements, transitioning into a purely heavy-psych atmosphere.


'Buried By Tree' carries a vintage feel, enriched with dreamy guitar passages and hints of Hawkwind. 'Seventh Sun' plunges us into a hypnotic trance with shamanic tones and majestic lysergic elements. 'Flowers Of Death' offers a direct, neo-psychedelic atmosphere.


'Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth,' the ten-minute closing track, deviates from the norm, revealing the band's essence. It explores a crossroads between past and new psychedelia, gradually immersing us in a unique sensory world, orbiting between supernovas and intense sonic passages.'


This album is rated with "The Golden Years" because it captured raw energy, precise drumming and an authentic sound.