First of all, just to understand in which tradition these Norwegian band stands, you should listen first to how a heavy blues should be played. As a die-hard Motörhead fan I realized quickly the origin and of course the quality of the second album from The Devil and the mighty Blues.

This album is raw, pure, with no overdubs and the voice is fully credible and authentic. Motörhead did this mentioned song above in this style only once. But these guys doing six of them with this massive, pounding sound and this stomping drums and this ailling voice.

"These are old handsT" starts with THE iconic riff of 2017 in a midtempi rocker, to end up in slower Blues jam and restart in medtempo. So far my favorite song. The other one is "How strange the silence" which starts as a traditional Blues to accelerate later on. "Neptune Brothers" closes the circle and readapts the structure of "These are old hands".This album pours dirt and dust and diesel, containing this badass punk attitude to break the rules of classic blues. Just perfect

Compromiseless, raw, pure, unfiltered, no overdubs, heavy