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Duel (USA) - Satan´s Invention
Daily Peaks · 15-04-2024
A pithy cover and absolute reliability regarding melodies, guitar work, vocal lines and drive. It's a shame that this band has so far been denied greater recognition. Tom Hanks' voice and his guitar playing, tightly meshed with Jeff Hensom's guitar, reach an almost Maidenesque quality on this track. This track swings and grooves so much that pure headbanging is downright one-dimensional; you have to boogie and bang your head.

The Troops of Doom (BRA) - Chapels of the Unholy

The Acid Machine (USA) - Fungus

Mycena (CRO) - Serendisarray

The Magogas (ITA) - 48 Moons

A Gram Trip (CRO) - If we leaf tomorrow

The Acid Machine (BRA) - Mushrooms

Greenleaf (SWE) - Breathe, Breathe out
Daily Peaks · 27-03-2024
The video is just fantastic and funny, spiced with a typical Swedish kind of laconic humor that you can´t escape. You´re occupied with watching the video and following the story so you actually can´t enjoy the pure song.

King of None (FIN) - In the Realm
Daily Peaks · 23-03-2024
Some songs create associations which I have to express by my own creativity. I checked my Bandcamp algorithm and stumbled over King of None from Finland. After listening for 20 seconds or so I had these pictures in my head when I traveled for the first time through the Egyptian desert in 1990 and listened to "Wasteland" by "The Mission". This made me to check an epic desert on Youtube and add this fantastic song to these amazing pictures. Speeder Approaching lies perfectly between "The Mission"...

Dust Mice (USA) - Room within a View
Daily Peaks · 16-03-2024
"Room Within A view" explores the complexities of the mind, showing how our thoughts can confuse and control us. The song talks about inner struggles and finding peace. They use the idea of a "room within a room" to represent the complexity of our minds and the journey to understanding ourselves better. Similar to Hawkwind, who represents cosmic rock, Dust Mice also shares a love for space and science fiction themes. Both bands use imagined worlds and futuristic concepts in their music and...

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