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Astrochemists (SGP) - Moons of Saturn
Daily Peaks · 20-02-2024
Space Rock is actually a fake because there is no transfer of sonic wave in space. Bleeps and beeps and chirps and charps are just a human imagination of what the universe sounds, so therefor Space Rock is the last form of acoustic anarchy. The Astrochemist Azmi Czar from Singapore doesn´t care about scientific pillars of truth, he´s just creating amazing sounds with old gameboys, Apple 2E computers or very vintage sounding electronic stuff and pours it over a high speed rockin´ drum-machine...

Daily Peaks · 20-02-2024
Yes! They did it again! Two months after their phenomenal debut "Demostarter" my beloved Russians Tres Perros Viejos released another EP with the same power and drive as their debut. And the band hadn´t change their unique mix of Hardcore, Sludge, Punk and Stoner Rock. The semi-acoustic track "Bob´s Dragon" doesn´t fit that well in their forward pushing wall of sound and truck engine of a record. 5/6 songs are pure killers concerning speed, power and a rage. I wish to see this band once on...
Black Tusk (USA) - The way forward
Daily Peaks · 15-02-2024
Hellfest 2014, Valley: Black Tusk destroyed the stage. Bandcamp 2024: Black Tusk blew my speakers and tore the roof down. Brushfire puts the pedal to the metal and it sounds like a freight train running through your head. Fantastic appetizer for their upcoming album on April, 24th and I´m glad to re-discover this band after their loss of Jonathan Athon in November 2014.

Persefone (AND) - Lingua Ignota: Part 1
Daily Peaks · 07-02-2024
We spend at least 5 or 6 months each and every year in Spain and when we travel through Catalonia, we drive to Andorra to buy cheap cigarettes and fill our reservoir with cheap petrol. End of January 2024 we met a guy wearing a Persefone Shirt in the supermarket and we asked him about his shirt. He told us, this is a local band and they are quite famous and they play a kind of progressive Death Metal. After returning from our trip, I checked out their Bandcamp and Facebook site and - what a...

Daily Peaks · 05-02-2024
The French duo Alber Jupiter holds the torch which was lost by Tuber after their record "Out of the Blue". The torch of danceable, instrumental rock with no matter of ingredients. "Daddy´s Spaceship" is a colorful trip through different soundscapes, driven forward by a straight 4/4-beat. I wish that this music had existed already in the 70´s and I´m looking forward to see this band on one of the countless summer open-airs in 2024.
The Neptune Power Federation (AUS) - Goodnight my Children
Daily Peaks · 04-02-2024
Nothing new on the Oztralian front; Ass kickin´ Rock´n Roll à la Airbourne, Rose Tattoo, Taipan and with a hell of a female voice. I guess the band only knows to play two kinds of songs, the fast one and the stomping one. And rock both rocked out of my chair, made me bang my head and my wife looked a bit confused. Yes, finally a women fronted band which is able to rock and spread some fun. I´m looking forward to see them live.

Artifacts & Uranium (GBR) - Phase IV
Daily Peaks · 28-01-2024
Hawkwind at its best between 1970 and 1973. Nuff said; instrumental Space Rock, highly mesmerizing and hypnotizing.

Rhino (ITA) - Gentle Sound of Knife
Daily Peaks · 25-01-2024
Yes! This rocks! Right sound, right voice, right power, pedal to the metal, music that I missed for quite a long time. So I checked the rest of their promo material and this song is the exception of an almost more Doom and Sludge oriented album. What a pity. This song combines the drive and the power of "Green Machine" and Fu Manchu´s "King of the Road", which made me bang through the whole song.

Sunnata (POL) - Chasing Shadows
Daily Peaks · 25-01-2024
The cover artwork represents the opposite of the music; Poland´s answer to Neurosis put out "Saviour´s Raft", a massive appetizer for their upcoming album. This band added a bit more atmospheric parts and their focus is more to combine contradictory musical styles instead of destroying musical and harmonic structures as Neurosis celebrate since almost 40 years. Sunnata are an obvious candidate for the upcoming Roadburn Festival 2024.

Daevar (GER) - Amber Eyes
Daily Peaks · 23-01-2024
"Lilith´s Lullaby" is the first single from the upcoming album "Amber Eyes", which will be released on march, 22rd 2024. This band managed it to put a lot of 20% of the music together, which I don´t like that much and created a song which I like for 100%. The first 20% is the gothic-inspired guitar tone, the second 20% is the hypnotic, slow and mesmerizing beat, the third 20% is the epic space what the song create, the fourth 20% is the actually heavy fuzzed sound and the last 20% this...

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