Maximum Festival 8/4/2023, day #1


Hailing from Bassano del Grappa, one of our beloved cities in Italy, Minatox69 opened the festival with a powerful mix of sludge, hardcore and screamo. A thirty minutes set with no chance for having a break to take some breath. Bozart´s powerful vocals were the crown of a sheer endless pounding and growing and raging concert. Great!!

The frog

Umberto on bass and Francisco on drums and both on the vocals were more than just a power-duo. Umberto´s distorted bass lines, fueled with power chords, the two different vocals, a blend of metal, hardcore and crossover made the concert pass too quickly.

quiet confusion

Messa couldn´t perform due the illness of Sara, their singer. So Quiet Confusion replaced Messa and they did it with the catalogue of 70´s music in just one song. We heard funk, prog, blues, psychedelic a bit of protometal and protopunk, crowned with a fuzzy and a clean voice, presented with incredible musical skills. A great pleasure to watch and hear this band.

the brokendolls

As Italy´s dirtiest and heaviest badass rockin´ band The Brokendolls entered the stage, the chilled mood and atmosphere of this festival were substituted for almost one hour. There were Rock´n Roll, Punk, catchy melodies and chorus´, a frontman who knew how to rock and act on stage with a classy band behind him.  A fantastic concert.