Tuber - Joyful Silence

Why six years of silence? Why only a few concerts? Why no tours? Stop asking and go for listening this album. Up to now you can listen to 2 songs, "Chain of Signs" and the title track "Joyful Silence".

Of course, the band will be booked for so called Stoner Festivals and Desertfests all around the world. But their music is way more than fuzzed riffs. "Chain of Signs" starts as a kind of Massive Attack song with a minimal electronic version of the main riff at half speed, transforming itself into an epic and mantraesque riff, supported by a "Safe from Harm"-like synth-bass pattern. The guitars give a lot of space for all other instruments to come, like a massive brass section and all the powerchords based power to finish the song, crowned by semi-distorted guitars.

Yes, obviously the band created a 8 minutes lasting symphony by using early 90´s soundscapes blended with a typical shoegaze sound.

The title track goes back to the mid 80´s when Judas Priest and Iron Maiden experimented with added synthesizers to their guitars. What never was accepted by the majority of metalheads. Tuber´s way to include synthesizers is to use a pattern based rhythm and to improvise around with their guitars. So they create a kind of dancefloor sound and in combination with the robot drumming you can dance again 8 minutes listening to highly complex layers of different harmonies and guitar sounds.

The production is outstanding clear and well balanced between the laid-back and powerful rhythm section and the overlaying floating and pushing guitars.

The difference to the previous album "Out of the Blue" is the lighter, more open production, which largely dispenses with mids and bass, thereby creating a broadband width. The songs of "Out of the Blue" are more powerful and composed more on the 12. Whereas the songs on “Joyful Silence” cover the entire face of the clock.

Up to now a fantastic appetizer for the upcoming album.