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Tuesday, 04-14-2020, 14h25 WEST:


The last time I paid 10€ for a Kvelertak concert was in 2011 when we saw them in the Feierwerk, Munich.

You have to pay via the usual ways to get access to the provider´s homepage

This live stream concert looks like a typical footage for a Heavy Metal music video. The sound is brilliant and the light sucks; a lot of red, magenta and some whirrling white cuts through this brothel atmosphere.

The norwegian stream provider Vierlive offers only a small player with annoying advertisements for a streaming festival or the full screen. So you cannot record the stream with quickplayer or other software.

The concert turns into a normal Kvelertak concert with just two announcements and no interaction with the audience. As usual. After the two poor announcements and the fact, that I had to pay to see "just" a concert in which the band failed to interact with the audience - as it always is on a Kvelartak concert - I remained on my prior opinion that the bands are like they always were before. 


Nothing left from this concert. Their 2019 concert at the Hellfest was a brilliant one in the point of how a band focused their anger about a technical problem into positive power on stage.

This live stream served for financial supply after a cancelled tour. So, if the band lives from their music and this is work for them. Okay, but you cannot forget the emotions towards your audience, even if it´s only virtual.



26min54: Ivar´s first announcement. He obviously misses his usual stage acting and the audienceto spit on.

36min20: Quarantine and judgement´s day is boring.