Duel & Moon Woman, Kufstein, Kulturfabrik, 10-17-2023, 50 spectators

moon woman

This local band from Innsbruck managed to combine a lot of contradictory styles in their songs. A consisting Massive Attack-like groove, bluesy guitars. harsh Punk or Metal breaks, with a soundscape keyboards in the back. The mostly spoken lyrics were like mantras or slogans to force you to fill the gaps in between. Very interesting concert to follow


Duel never takes prisoners on stage with their well-balanced setlist, their catchy, swinging and danceable Hardrock, with songs that get straight to the point, overcrowned with Tom´s powerful and remarkable voice, the chorus´ and Jeff´s Glenn Tipton´s reminescence guitar playing and tone. 90 minutes of perfect sounding and acting; no matter if the play in front of 5000 or 50 spectators. This intimate concert shows the small things which make Duel sound that great; the swinging and shuffling drums, Jeff´s endless licks and tricks on guitar and the greasing bass between all instruments. It was magic, it was a Black Magic Concert. Thank you, Vibes and Roli for the invitation and for this concert and thumbs up for the organization.