The Necromancers - Where the void rose

I have to change my rating system for this record. Also my historical view on records. I want to look at this band like I would look on Iron Maiden, when I was 16 (in 1982). I saw Iron Maiden with Paul DiAno in 1981 and it was one of the most remarkable concerts in my life. I also admired their debut album and their "Killers"-Album. Until now, two of my all-time favorite records. But in 1982, they changed their singer and until now, they have this fantastic, wide-ranged voice in the band. Iron Maiden can write operas, epic songs, short songd, complexe songs and Bruce Dickinson can sing and interprete all of them with all his personality. Okay, The Necromancers is a not that big as Iron Maiden, but the new singer Basile Chevalier-Coudran has a far more flexible voice which is an additional instrument to the quite complexe new songs of The Necromancers. It is an album which offers you more than just occultic rock, it is an compact overview from the early 80´s NWoBHM, spiced with 70´s doom, some blast beats, overcrowned with this fantastic voice. My favorite songs are the opener "Sunken Huntress", "The Needle" and "Over the Threshold". 3 genius songs out of 6 songs.

It is like "Hallowed by thy Name", "The Number of the Beast", "Run to the Hills" and "The Prisoner" out of Maiden´s third album "The Number of the Beast".

This record is beside Elder´s "Innate Passage" my album of the year 2022.