Zeke - Hellbender

Oh man, Zeke go more to the point than they did before. It doesn´t need big words for this record and to Zeke: love it or hate it. And I love it. All compositions heading mercilessly and without much frills to the point. It´s needless to praise one track and not another. It´s Zeke´s precision and timing during highspeed drumming. Motörhead used to start within 15 seconds and Zeke managed it in their previous releases to kick off a song within 5 seconds. Zeke took the essential out of Motörhead and did their thing. But this record is the essence of Zeke: Dayne on drums is a drumming like a clockwork on speed, Kyle on the second guitar does the little melodies in each an every song, Kurt on bass is that huge reliable dude and clue for the rythm, yeah, and finally Mark´s vocals barking along this incredible speedsongs. This is a record to listen in one row as I did the last time with "Reign in Blood" in 1986. 15 songs, in a nutshell: machine guns in action.

"Inferno" is given for a precision in timing and songwriting, a capture of live sound and energy and a perfect artwork.

An album rated with "Ace of Spades" shows a clear musical direction, combining actual styles, directions and production and avoid needless experiments.