old blood - Reckless Calm

This is how Rock Music or Classic Rock should be: a remarkable voice, nice and edgy hooks, melodies and catchy chorus´. This records is an organic whole of sound, harmonies and guitar tones and skills. Usually I write pathologic reviews like a detective who knows more than the victim. This time it´s useless to use a lot of words and references of bands and styles; Every song kicks off with a perfect timing, presents us some proggy style on guitar work and songwriting, with a light and nostalgic trip through mid 80´s Rock blended with an early 90´s grungy voice. The record enhance its elaborated songwriting from the opener "Blacklights" to the phenomenal finsh "Like Vultures". There is no filler on this record, so it is an "Ace of Spades" like record.

An album rated with "Ace of Spades" shows a clear musical direction, combining actual styles, directions and production and avoid needless experiments.