Tom Schuster, Free and Easy-Festival, Backstage, 2022

We left the venue which Valley of the Sun blew into dust with a phenomenal concert to gasp some fresh air. In front of the menue, we met a bloke of us and a couple, sitting around a table and talking. The guy between us introduced himself as Tom and he asked us if we know the movie "Holy Spirit". We saw this movie one week earlier and we could tell him some scenes and that this movie based on his idea. Tom was completely astonished that he met two people who just saw his movie. So we were, because we enjoyed this movie very much. Then we took a selfie and Reina had this kind of halo above her head. 

Reina told Tom to stand under this flickering light in front of the venue, because he played the Jesus in that movie. So he received the halo he deserved for his movie. After the picture Tom told us the story behind the movie which is as exciting as the movie itself. As a visual oriented person, he recognized Reina´s "Hellfest"-Shirt and asked if we saw Nine Inch Nails there. So that was the signal for the music part in our commun night and our work and relations to the music biz. So both parts were stoked and pleased about to meet each other for further events.