Buster Bloodvessel (Bad Manners), PintorRock 2022

PintorRock 2022, 30/10/, 1a.m.; Bad Manners has just arrived at the festival and all of them were waiting for their passes. Expect Buster Bloodvessel. He had a beer at the bar in the small backstage-area. I introduced myself and we talked about football. He - as boy of the Eastend, speaking cockney - is completely into Arsenal and not into Westham. So I adidded that I read "Fever Pitch" and almost turned into an Arsenal-fan. Then we shared a cigarette and I showed him a picture from Christina, a friend of us and the owner of the shop "The Portobello Road" in Blanes. I told him she is completely into Ska, New Wave and owns this and that record and I promised her to gift an autograph from her beloved group. Same as our friend Javi in Madrid. So we showed our bad manners on the selfie and Buster wrote two autographs for them, as a christmas present for our friends.

This is my friend Javi who managed to this picture better than it already was. I sent it to him and he received it just in time for the Spanish Christmas.