Thanks to the Helldorado crew to accredidate us for this fantastic festival!! Four stages and a tightly organised non-stop line-up consisting of Speedrock, Deathpunk, Psychobilly, Wrestling, Stand-up comedy, Stonerrock etc.., good sound and light and cheaper prices for food and beer than in Eindhoven´s City made it worth for us to travel from La Palma / Canary Islands to Eindhoven.

prima donna

The californians Prima Donna kicked off the festival with a rough and energetic blend of Placebo, 60´s Garage and Protopunk. Actually not my kind of music, but their professional pressence on stage and their charismatic frontman Kevin Tyler Preston caught me throughout their concert. Nice start!

cirque du mort, lion stage

One part of the Helldorado is just pure crazy kind of entertainement. The scotts of Cirque du Mort performed two half-hour punk and metal based highspeed burlesque shows which went by in what felt 2 minutes. 

del toros, tarantula stage

Next were the Dutch Surfpunk band Del Toros. After a short sip of their concert, we deceided to follow the Italian 60´s garage trash and punkabilly band The Devils. I think, because their members look better and their music whipped more.

the devils, lion stage

Erica on drums and vocals and Gianni on guitar and vocals proved that songs about amore and volare can be performed with highspeed drummig and shredding and with a lotta more sex and power than we are used to hear from Italy. Good to place these leather tigers in the wrestling ring for not raiding the audience.

Monolord, Cobra stage

Their Doom Metal is definitly not my kind of music. Even the second try to listen for an entire concert - after the Stoned from the Underground in 2017 - failed.

The hip priests

This powerful forward rocking melting pot of styles and influences really hit hard in the guts, made my head bang and my feet dance. This was pure fun and rock´n roll. Frontman Nathan von Cruz (sic!) was up to now the best frontman and Austin Rocket the best poser on guitar. 


Vurro comes from Spain and plays synthesizers, keyboards, electric piano, drums and cymbals during his 60´s based rock´n roll, surf, twist and boogie songs. Incredible musicality combined with humor and an unique outfit raised him from a youtube hype to a serious artist. Yes, he is a f+++ing diy artist, independent in what he does and records. That was an impressive concert.

Death Alley

Finally!! In 2016, the band got stuck in a huge stau on ze german autobahn prior the Race 61 Festival, so they couldn´t reach the venue in time to play their gig. So I really looked forward to their gig. I absolutely into their crossover of at least five up to ten 70´s musical directions in one song, grooving or boogying on a tight rhythm section, sometimes fast, sometimes heavy and the all over crowning vocals of Douwe Truijens. Despite the huge venue, this band created an intimate club or garage concert, which made moving your complete body. Melodic, heavy, trippy, spacy. They blew me away and what a great concert!!

the rock´n roll wrestling bash

The spectacular wrestling show combined with Heavy Metal and the queing for food and beer kept us away from watching Nick Oliveri´s Death Electric.

the picturebooks

Yes, sis band is from Germany. No, Germany has no Mississippi where early Blues is played. And no, Gütersloh - their hometown - isn´t in the neighborhood of New Orleans and yes, this family thing - Fynn Grabke´s father does the production and mixing - rocked this stage. Yes, you just need a feeling for what you play and sing, and yes, Fynn´s got this feeling.

the dwarves

The cudest and roughest Punkband in the world established themself as ironic chronists of political and personal failures. They managed to be serious and funny at the same moment and this is real art. Needless to say, that the lyrical content was boosted by all kinds of punk.. Streetpunk, Hardcore, Speedpunk, Punk´n Roll. Great concert with poor light. This music isn´t built for a Vegas-like light.


It is a real mystery to me that this band full of top skilled musicians, creating a monstrous sound to fuel their progressive Garage and Stoner Rock, is one of the most insider bands in the actual music scene. Sebastian´s thundering drums and Hans´s growling bass on one side and Tommi´s fuzzed guitar and Arvid´s powerful vocal lines on the other side is almost like a ying and yang, a contradiction as a unity, and that´s the reason I completely into this band, their history and their music. And.. the concert just passed in two minutes of banging, dancing and admiring.


What started as a project in 2017 became again the fastest, hardest and tightest band in the world. No doubt that Zeke keep on conquering the world with its unique style  - 30 songs in 50 minutes - and their new gained freshness. A blast of an incredible good concert.


Same as Death Alley hours before, the Dutch band Dewolff blends a half of 70´s music in their complex and progressive songs. But Dewolf use the more psychedelic influences and a characteristic hammond organ to create a warm and heavy sound. Just like ELP, but the more rockier version. AND: they´ve got three different fantastic voices to give each and every song its specific colour. AND: The lights fitted fantastic to their music. Great concert.


Perfect. Everything.

banane metalik

The French blasted their Gore´n Roll with full speed and action into the pretty shocked audience. Their eyecatching make-up took surely more time than the whole concert, but they were worth to see. Punky subjets in their french lyrics and a hilarious stage acting under a brothel red light. Yeah! Psychobilly at its best.


Zeke´s Marky and I agreed that they were surprisingly good. Yes, their setlist could have contained a bit more of their classic tunes and in fact, it was the same setlist as on the Hellfest. It was a good overview over their punky and glamy period, with "I got erection" as their Overkill or Ace of Spades. Very good entertainement and a band who still knows how to rock.