Okay, it´s just a collection of older songs, but these guys really create orchestral soundscapes with the required power to take you through a fantastic trip touching different moods like melancholie, joy and sheer power.

The almost metallic intro of the opener "Basilisk" with a thick layer of overdubbed guitars vanishes for a chilled keyboard and guitar interlude, which is just the intro for a Schostakowitsch-like symphonic coda.

"Radio Lizard" is the more rocking antigonist with a fine taste for the the right sounds and sampled noises. Actually it´s the ouverture for "Seraphin"´s  groovy rhythm and a 6/8-break that slowly fades into clean guitars and three layers of different (distorted, shredding and clea guitar). Up to now my absolute favorite song on this record.

"Hidden Flows" is the calm finisher of this album with a heavy guitar break.

I mean, Postrock creates movies in your head due the missing vocals. This band creates a whole complex soundtrack, that breathes huge landscapes and a tasty sense for creating a minimalistic and bombastic symphonic orchestra. Fantastic record!!

I admire the complex structures in sound and production of this record and the musical background and looks back in symphonic archives combined with the different styles within a song.

That is a real Overkill!!