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Heavystoned is almost a family business. From left to right: Martin (Ripsi Rebellion) is responsable for the minority of the pictures, the majority of the written text, layout and beyond. Petra (Reina Rebellion) takes the majority of the pictures. And last but not least, our son Lukas (Luke the Dude) does the Death by Rippin Radio Show, adds pictures and reviews.

This shot was taken at the Hellfest 2018.

My friend Jaime Garcia Perez from Piedras Blancas, Armayor in Asturias is a natural born music maniac. He doesn´t just take professional pictures during all the concerts he is accredited. He has also organised the Stonefest until the pandemie. This festival is located in Asturias and with the help from the local municipality, this festival is free. There were always amazing line-ups over the years. And at last, he owns his label Burial Records.

He transferred me a collection of his amazing pictures to present them here. It was really an honor to meet him at the Hellfest 2022. We spent a lot of time discussing music and songs and Gin Tonic.

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