Witchrat - Witchrat

Witchrat - A Hypnotic Fusion of Fragility and Devastating Power


The music of Witchrat is like the result of a forbidden affair between Toundra, Crippled Black Phoenix, and Morne. In their latest album, whose title is yet to be revealed, they create a mesmerizing sonic landscape that takes us on a journey through endless lingering guitar walls. This is definitely a record worth listening to. Witchrat's strength lies in their ability to be both fragile and penetrating. The album's opener captures us with delicate, dreamlike melodies that transport the listener into a meditative state. It's as if we are diving into another world, where time and space become forgotten.


But suddenly, the mood shifts. The next track bursts upon us with a tremendous force, featuring mantra-like, devastating riffs and guitars that unleash like raging storms. It is an acoustic shock that snaps us out of our trance and captivates us with its intensity. The purpose of the occasional vocals remains unclear, but they seamlessly blend into the overall sound, accentuating the emotional complexity of the music.

The instrumental passages of Witchrat are a revelation. They flow with a poignant beauty, transforming depression, anger, and despair into sound. The guitar walls seem endless, and we get lost in their depth. This musical experience is hypnotic, almost trance-like, immersing us in a world of colors that are woven with darkness and light.

Overall, Witchrat's album is a triumph. The combination of fragile atmosphere and devastating power is captivating and unique. It is a record that takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster, enchanting them with its intense and unparalleled sonic landscape. Witchrat has created a musical journey that is worth exploring, one that exhilarates us with its profound and extraordinary soundscapes.

The rating is that picture. Witchrat produced a music like rocks on earth and grey and white clouds above them.