ZEKE & Como Bravo, 7-10-2023, Backstage Club, Munich, 150 spectators

Como Bravo did a good job, a good salsa with spicy Hardcore, a pinch of 60´s Garage- and Surfpunk, all songs in a row. The crowd was pleased.

A Zeke concert sometimes resembles a lesson. A lesson in tightness, accuracy and precision. First, a 2-minute feedback from Marky's and Jeff's guitars announces the end of the break, the students scramble to get into the classroom, where they are greeted with a whopping 115db/A noise made by the whole band. Then Marky's battle cry announces "We're Zeke, wait, wait, wait, one, two, three, four!" and the audience will be dragged behind a dragster for 35 songs. And the dragster never misses its direction and its power. 

The personal aspects of this concert were massive: people go to Zeke because they f**king love Zeke and those who saw them for the first time, will love Zeke. Heavystoned did some personal promotion for this concert and we were happy to made people happy.