Black Royal - 13th Moon & Earthbound

Since "Firebird", I´m completely into this band and their unique blend of Sludge, Hardcore and Deathmetal. "Coven" became one of my all-time favorite songs and I was stoked to receive the news that Black Royal released their first killer track of - I swear - their next killer album. 

Black Royal is the essence of what scandinavian Metal consists: Brutality, melody and groove and this song is close to perfect.

Black Royal - Earthbound

Oh my god! You don´t need to say a lot words about the record, the powerful production and the unique blend of all kinds of heavy music on this record. Ranging from a doomy kind of Death metal on the opening track, over the massive grooving "Ghosts of the Dead" the my favorite Track "13th Moon", a bastard of "The Chase is better than the Catch" and Swedish Death´n Roll heroes Entombed. "Phoenix Ascending" could be a good choice to send the audience home with some neck failures. "Barren Land" is my son´s favorite tune, an almost relaxed and heavy Stoner song. "Rite of Passage" is as brutal as only Sludge can be. Wow, what a devastating and melodic record. 

This record deserves an "Ace of Spades": great production, no fillers, one clear musical direction with a potential for a classic record within the genre.