"Salem Girl Part 1" is such an incredible good song, fullpacked with harmony solis, nwobhm, Maiden, sung by a powerful voice. Okay, how can I band start an album with their best song? Because they seem to write only good songs. "Lucifer´s Kin" is blended with some influences of Witchfynder General, especially the slower parts of the songs, the main riff reminds me on "Children of the Grave", the exploding guitars are captured from the Tygers of Pan Tang. Great song!!! "Black Marble House" kicks off with an harmonic guitar/bass line and galopping drums. The now clear vocals sing along a syncopic rhythm, the chorus picks up the intro. This is up to now great songwriting, no wasted minute to listen to this incredible record.

The song "Necromancers" sounds like early Molly Hatchet with occultic lyrics, a more Blues and Southern Rock oriented songwriting. "Grand Orbiter" is first a chord shredding song, replaced by a more pychedelic part during the chorus and the following verse. This change of tempi, mood and riffing creates the next masterpiece of a song.

"Salem Girl Part 2" closes this record with reminescenes of Ghost and Mercyful Fate.

It´s an album to listen in a row. The songs are far away from being catchy, but they catch you with their complexe and unpredictible structures. See you in 2019...Valley... Hellfest!!!

Servants.. is such a homogenic and unpredictable record with this clear nwobhm direction.

So therefore.. A huge Overkill!!