Spidergawd & Draken, 18/3/2023, Munich, Backstage, Halle, 300 spectators


Draken were the tour support for Spidergawd and they did a good job. Draken is Hallvard Gaardlos´ side project. here in Draken, he played a massive distorted 5-string bass as a leading bass and he is responsible for the lead vocals. Andre Drage played a Clutch-like drums to the heavy bass riffs and Evan Hermansan put some growls and Death over the driving Hardrock. No wonder.. He wore a Bloodbath-Shirt. It took a while until this engine was calibrated and fueled - the vocals weren´t  that precise, some timing issues - combined with a powerful and well balanced sound and light, this concert turned to one of the best support concerts we could see at the Backstage.


We thought that Spidergawd´s performance at the 2022 edition of Rock im Wald cannot exceeded. Yes. It was possible. A well chosen setlist through their career, the usual drive with a lot of Rock´n Roll and 70´s Hardrock, twin guitars, three-part singing, - and welcome back - the saxophone from New Zealand. Although the stage wasn´t that big, Spidergawd managed to let it appear bigger; three platforms for bass, (a castle of a) drum-kit and the saxophone, three microphones in the front for all the singers in the band. A really good show. Also the around was just perfect. good prices for the band and the fans, good looking shirts, a lot of vinyl and cds. This was a quite big production for all sides and it was worth to see the audience appreciated the performance, which passed way too fast. Spidergawd sent us home again with ringing ears, an overwhelmed feeling of what a concert should be.