Don´t get fooled by the first two minutes of this guitar mantra. After this torturing two minutes of a bit disharmonic shredding, the bass and the drums make you dance to an native american rhythm, accompaigned by a slide guitar in the background. This was just the opener "Portal".

"Faces" kicks off with a steady and straight beat after a two minute intro and suddenly you hear these incredible majestic and powerful voice with the right amount of reverb. Along goes the song with some changes of tempo, harmonies and tonalities and this unique combination of native sounds and drumming and stoner rock.

"Lost Ghosts" kicks off with a doomy rhythm, undlayed with a speech from a loudspeaker. And again this voice, which creates open landscapes. Shortly before this rhytm annoys me, a saxophone appears and changes the atmosphere into a more bluesy one. But just for two minutes, the spacerock spaceships starts, blended with a saxophone, that reminds me on Nik Turner´s input to Hawkwind. This song is full-packed with ideas, like an Thin Lizzy-like harmony solo at the end of this song.

"Mantra Bufala" is a kind of weired stuff, could be a Hawkwind jam session with some natives screaming in the background, lead by a driving forward rhythm. Not that progressive as the previous song.

"With the Wind" has a lot of Pink Floyd guitar work and harmonies as a skeleton, the muscles and the body around  are built by heavy riffing guitars, the saxophone. Better to play this song with a flat tuned guitar, because it shows clear frontiers for the voice. The atmosphere is clearly adapted from Pink floyd or Crippled Black Phoenix and it fades out with a view over an open deserted landscape. Beautiful, powerful and quaint and unique. Great album.

An album rated with "Overkill" unites different musical styles, good production and no fillers.